Rae Ann's Hands Massage Therapy
57 Main Street, Lower, Oakfield NY 14125 (585) 993-0393

About the Practitioner

My name is Rae Ann Wilkosz and I have been Licensed and Registered to practice Massage Therapy in New York State since October, 2006.

I learned my trade at the New York Institute of Massage in Buffalo, NY where I studied:

Anatomy and Physiology




Before I became a Massage Therapist, I was a District Training Manager for various retail stores like Dollar Tree, Sugar Creek, and Fashion Bug. I liked my job and I did it well, but I wasn't happy. I remembered my parents and I visiting my favorite uncle Stanley when I was younger; I would rub his work-sore back while we talked. He said I should rub backs professionally it felt so good. So I took his advice and quit my job! While I was in school he passed away, so he never seen me graduate. I know he would be proud of me if he was here today. Now I own my own business and am helping people feel better, and I'm very happy with that!